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I KNOW THE “WHAT” BUT NOT THE “HOW”: A talk by Marian Hobbs

The next speaker in our Another World Is Possible series is Marian Hobbs. Marian was a Labour MP between 1996 and 2008. She is a passionate campaigner for nuclear disarmament and helped establish the Chippenham Commune.

“The talk will be a quick trip through my varied experiences in searching for the HOW. They include setting up an urban commune; joining the CPNZ; organising in HART, particularly the 1981 tour; introducing shared decision-making to a large secondary school community of students and their parents and teaching and non-teaching hobbs posterstaff; decision-making in a Labour government; peace forums focussed on an end nuclear weapons.

But then picking up on all of these experiences and looking at HOW…with reference to Jeremy Corbyn and the Momentum movement; SNP; role of different media (the Spring uprisings/Greece)…but then right back into Dunedin….and our lives.”

Join us at 6pm at the Dunedin Fringe Festival space, lower level Dunedin Civic Centre, George Street on Wednesday 28th October.

Check out the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/556263031195144/

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2015 Another World Talk 3 poster copyJoin us on 30th September, 6pm on the lower level of the Dunedin Civic Centre (George Street) to hear about Massi‘s PhD research on social centres and radical politics in Italy.
This talk is about resistance and collective action in Italy, told through the story of my personal involvement in political collective action, not just as a researcher seeking to collect data for my PhD project, but also as an activist. During my journey in Italy, I have encountered different people and political groups such as the new Autonomia Operaia, remnants of the Italian avant-garde workers movement that was particularly active in the seventies, and also other collectives of Leninist, Trotskyist and anarchist inspiration. I have taken part in events organized by political groups and actively contributed to collective work. In this presentation I will talk about such events as: hackmeeting, the annual meeting of the underground digital cultures which has been organized since 1999; Sherwood Festival, organized by Radio Sherwood in Padua, active since 1976; the infoaut.org meeting on counter-information in Bologna; the making of tomato sauce at the recovered factory Ri-Maflow in Milan, occupied by the workers, and my involvement as a temporary occupier of the social center Ri-make in Milan.

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It was a great time last night checking out Dario Azzellini’s film Occupy Resist Produce about the RiMaflow factory. Missed the movie? Never fear – you can watch it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyhVdoK1g10

There’s also more info about the RiMaflow factory on their website here: http://www.rimaflow.it/

Thanks for coming along and we look forward to hosting Massimiliana Urbano on 30/09 who will be talking more about Italian radical politics, social centres and occupied spaces like RiMaflow.


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26/8: OCCUPY RESIST PRODUCE: RiMAFLOW a film screening on the occupation of MaFlow factory

Join us for a film screening Rimaflow Occupy Resist Produce. RSVP here:

A Film by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler

The Maflow plant in Trezzano sul Naviglio, located on the industrial periphery of Milan, was part of the Italian transnational car parts producer Maflow, one of the most important manufacturers of air conditioning tubes worldwide. Far from suffering consequences of the crisis and with enough clients to keep producing, Maflow closed in 2009 following fraudulent bankruptcy. The workers of the plant in Milan, Maflow’s main production facility, began a struggle to reopen the plant and keep their jobs. They occupied the plant and held spectacular protests on the plant’s roof. Because of their struggle Maflow was offered to new investors. In October 2010 the Maflow group was sold to the Polish investor Boryszew. Without ever restarting production the new owner closed the plant in Milan in December 2012 removing most of the machinery.

In February 2013 former Maflow workers occupied the plant, and together with precarious workers and workers from a nearby factory, which had been shut down after fraudulent bankruptcy. The 20 workers participating full time in the project completely reinvented themselves and the factory. They started recycling computers and electronic household devices, opened a bar and cafeteria, organize a flea market and cultural activities with the community, and have built alliances with local organic agricultural producers and together they have created a group for solidarity shopping. They plan to transform the factory into a plant for industrial recycling. As former Maflow worker Mariarosa Missaglia explains, their aim is to “get the factory back on its feet without an employer; show that even without an employer this can be achieved”. Her co-worker Antonio Galliazzo points out that this is not an easy task: “We are on the way to construct workers’ self-management, because self-management does not come from above. In this way, it is clear that we come across a number of weaknesses, things that do not work.”

At the same time the workers want to stay connected to other struggles. “We think our experience cannot be a happy island, where we get our income and organize ourselves,” explains Gigi Malabarba, worker and participant in RiMaflow, “We can win if we are part of a larger struggle and increase tenfold and a hundredfold experiences such as these, to nurture the idea that another economy is possible. If the economy of the bosses is in crisis, we need to develop a different idea of economics”.
“Occupy, Resist, Produce – RiMaflow” follows the workers in their day to day activities and discussions as well as in their political and strategic debates.

The film is the first in a series of short films on occupations of workplaces and production under workers’ control in Europe.


Info from http://www.azzellini.net/en/filme/occupy-resist-produce-rimaflow



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JOE LLEWELLYN audio now online!

Click through to hear Joe Llewellyn’s talk on non-violence and anarcho-pacifism

Note: there is a small glitch where the recorded played up about 30 mins in – my apologies!


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GET SMART! The People’s Review of the Intelligence Agencies

A special event hosted by the DUNEDIN FREE UNIVERSITY

Where: Dunedin Civic Centre / Fringe Space / enter on George Street

When: 11/08 6pm

The Government’s review of the intelligence agencies is widely seen as hobbled before it even begins, but it does provide us with the impetus to review the intelligence agencies ourselves. Come along to have your say about what should happy to the GCSB, the SIS and New Zealand’s participation in the Five Eyes spy network!

This event will feature speakers from the DFU, activists and experts on surveillance. We are also keen to have an open forum discussion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.03.25 pm

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A feminist leaves NeoLiberal U

A feminist leaves NeoLiberal U.

Fascinating blog post on the pressures of contemporary academic

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29/7 Creating a nonviolent world – Anarcho-Pacifism and the development of nonviolent space / a talk by Joe Llewellyn

We kick off our new series Another World is Possible with a presentation by Joe Llewellyn on ‘Anarcho-Pacifism’. Joe is studying at the University of Otago’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and is involved in the Dunedin Organisation for Global Nonviolent Action.

This talk will have two parts: Firstly, I will discuss anarcho-pacifism, what it is, and how it became part of my worldview. Secondly, I will provide some suggestions for how we can start to reclaim and create space in society, free from dominant forms of physical, structural and cultural violence. This reclaiming of space can be combined with resistance and direct action to create “another world”.

An abstract will be posted shortly. In the meantime, mark your diaries 29/07 6pm at our new venue, lower level of the Dunedin Civic Centre (enter on George Street). RSVP on facebook here.


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NEW VENUE: Lower Level of Dunedin Civic Centre

We are kicking off the next series Another World is Possible at a new venue! Dunedin Fringe have generously offered to host our monthly events at their space on the lower level of the Civic Centre on George Street. It’s the shop front where you might have noticed Fringe Fest and Film Fest installations in recent months – opposite the Amcal / Antidote chemists and next to the Public Library George St entrance.

Update your diaries and we hope to see you there for lively discussion and new ideas!