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Ground rules

Ground Rules for a Successful Free University

  • One Person speaks at a time and identifies the issues that are important for him or her to discuss
  • Listen respectfully and sincerely to what others say about the situation for the purposes of gaining clarity and understanding only.
  • If you have something you feel you must say, make a note and wait your turn.
  • PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT. Each person has a right to be heard completely. You will get your turn.
  • Work hard to understand what the other person is saying even if you need to take notes.
  • We will not blame, attack, or engage in put-downs and will ask questions of each other
  • We recognize that even if we do not agree with it, each of us is entitled to our own perspective.
  • We will not dwell on things that did not work in the past, but instead will focus on the future we would like to create.
  • We will make a conscious, sincere effort to refrain from unproductive arguing, venting, or narration
  • Follow the instructions of the facilitator
  • Be aware of time limits

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