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2015 Another World Talk 3 poster copyJoin us on 30th September, 6pm on the lower level of the Dunedin Civic Centre (George Street) to hear about Massi‘s PhD research on social centres and radical politics in Italy.
This talk is about resistance and collective action in Italy, told through the story of my personal involvement in political collective action, not just as a researcher seeking to collect data for my PhD project, but also as an activist. During my journey in Italy, I have encountered different people and political groups such as the new Autonomia Operaia, remnants of the Italian avant-garde workers movement that was particularly active in the seventies, and also other collectives of Leninist, Trotskyist and anarchist inspiration. I have taken part in events organized by political groups and actively contributed to collective work. In this presentation I will talk about such events as: hackmeeting, the annual meeting of the underground digital cultures which has been organized since 1999; Sherwood Festival, organized by Radio Sherwood in Padua, active since 1976; the infoaut.org meeting on counter-information in Bologna; the making of tomato sauce at the recovered factory Ri-Maflow in Milan, occupied by the workers, and my involvement as a temporary occupier of the social center Ri-make in Milan.


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