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It’s Only a Penis: Rape Feminism and Difference (Helliwell 2000)

As promised, here is Christine Helliwell‘s article ‘”It’s only a penis”: Rape, feminism, and difference’ from Signs (2000 25, 3: pp. 789-817) Abstract: Focuses on the responses of women regarding rape. Rape as part of the natural human condition; Influence of social institutions on physical and emotional responses of women; Correlation between rape and the […]

The Common in the Time of Creative Reproductions: On Gerald Raunig’s Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity

Interesting article from e-flux journal by Ewa Majewska … What relationship is there between the work of art and communication? None at all. A work of art is not an instrument of communication. A work of art has nothing to do with communication. A work of art does not contain the least bit of information. […]